1. What is Pricepally? is a fair priced wholesale e-commerce store where you can shop bulk items outrightly or share with your friends and family or general public.

2.What is Pally?

The Pally button allows you to split the cost of the item with other people, so you can pay a fraction of the total cost e.g you can buy a bag of rice and share with 4 people, everyone pays their share and it is delivered to their doorstep.

3. What is Open Pally?

Open Pally enables you buy and share any bulk item with people you know and the general public. You can share your open pally with family and friends via whatsapp but it will also go live on the Pally Deal section where anyone on the platform can join the deal. Pally deals last only 72 hours/3 days.

A pally only goes live when the first share of the payment is paid.*

4. What is Close Pally?

Close pally enables you buy and share bulk food items with people you know privately, you can all shop together and create as many pally's you like to share. You need to follow each other on PricePally to be able to use this feature. You can find who to follow via find friends link

A pally only goes live when the first share of the payment is paid.*

5. Delivery

We deliver in 24-48 hrs after payment is completed. Pricepally is only available in Lagos state for now

6. What happens if my Pally isnt completed by others?

We will deliver your share of the Pally to you, you don't have to wait for it to close.

7. Can I shop without pallying?

Yes, to shop out rightly, just click add to cart on any of the products and check out as you would on any other e-commerce platform.

8. Can I pally all products?

No, some product prices cannot be shared, they don’t carry the pally button.

9. What is the maximum number of people I can pally with?

The maximum number of pallies is listed for each product

10. Can I pay on delivery?

No, all orders are prepaid.

11. Can I return orders I am not satisfied with?

Absolutely but we expect a complain while signing off at delivery or at most 6 hours after delivery. Please note we do not accept returns on perishables after signing off on your delivery.

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