1. What is PricePally? is a fair priced wholesale e-commerce store that enables you buy fresh food items in bulk or share bulk items with other shoppers sourced directly from farmers and wholesalers making it cheaper and fresher than buying at retail.

  2. What is Pally?

    Pally enables you to split the price of food items with other shoppers and your share delivered to you. e.g. you can use pally to share a bag of rice at wholesale price with 4 other people instead of buying a bag.

  3. What is Open Pally?

    Open Pally enables you buy and share any bulk item with anyone. Open pally deals are available to anyone on PricePally, you can create yours or join existing pally’s if you wish. You can also invite other people on any social media network by copying the link to the Open Pally you create and share online. An Open Pally Deal is active for up to 72 hours/3 days. If you choose to create an Open Pally , it becomes active when you pay your share.

  4. What is Close Pally?

    Close pally enables you to buy and share bulk food items with your followers on PricePally. It is a private deal that only you and your followers have access to. You and your family and friends have to follow each other to be able to create a Close Pally. You can find who to follow via find friends link

    A Close Pally goes live when the first share of the payment is paid.

  5. Do I have to wait for a Pally to be completed before I get my delivery?

    No, once you make your payment, you get your share regardless of if the deal is completed or not.

    We deliver your order the next day an order is made. Please note we do not deliver on Sundays.

  6. What happens if my Pally is not completed by others?

    We will deliver your share of the Pally to you, you don't have to wait for it to close.

  7. Can I shop without pallying?

    Yes, to shop out rightly, just choose pay by myself.

  8. Can I pally all products?

    No, some product prices cannot be shared, those products don’t have the Pally function.

  9. What is the maximum number of people I can pally with?

    The maximum number of pallies is listed for each product

  10. What is refer and earn?

    You can refer and earn up to N1000 for every referral and the person you refer will also be credited N1000 as well, you can share your unique referral code which is available on your profile page to new users to use while signing up. Once a user signs up with your referral code you will be credited with N1000 in your wallet as pending balance, when the person you refer makes a purchase the N1000 will be credited to your wallet to use to buy any item on the platform.

  11. Can I pay on delivery?

    No, all orders are prepaid

  12. What kind of food is sold on PricePally?

    All food items sold on PricePally are organic grown or produced in Nigeria or Africa only.

  13. Can I return orders I am not satisfied with?

    Absolutely but we expect a complain while signing off at delivery or at most 6 hours after delivery for vegetables and perishables and up to 24 hours for non perishables, we will replace your item or do a refund to your wallet.

  14. I live outside Lagos, can I get delivery outside Lagos?

    We deliver only in Lagos for now but PricePally is coming to your city soon, for large orders you can reach us on for special shipping arrangements.

  15. How can I reach PricePally admin for other questions or clarifications?

    You can reach us via call / Whatsapp on 07045000137, email or via DM on PricePally app.

  16. Can I sell my food items on PricePally?

    Yes, but we prefer to partner with farmers and wholesalers only, you can send an email to with information on your products, prices and location.


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